January 24, 2018

Please note that you can now view the existing registrations for all MLM companies for each show in the right-hand column. There is only one rep per company allowed for this type of vendor. We thank you for trying to use us to further your business. Please check back in August when the next year's shows are released.

Existing full year vendors through 2024: 


Mall Show Rules
February 12, 2019

·        Staff must stay within designated event footprint.

·        All displays/events must be presented in an ordered, professional manner to meet mall visual standards.

·        Display height limit is 6 feet.

·        No handwritten signs, only professional or computer-generated signage allowed.

·        All matching table linens must go to the floor to cover entire table. (Required color of linens is black.). No tables are available to rent, staff must provide their own tables.

·        The property must be returned in its original condition. Damage is subject to additional fees.

·        Event set up must be completed by 9:45am on the date your event starts and event breakdown cannot start until mall closing time on the last day of the event (overnight setup is allowed). Fines will be given if vendor starts to close before mall closing time on Sunday.